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These icons of classic men’s wear fashion are manufactured in two different ways in our knitting mill in Krefeld. The most sophisticated but also more complicated one is made on our 16 metres long flat-bed knitting machines, then sewn together like a tube and afterwards put on wooden strips for 24 hours to achieve the proper tie shape.

Due to the high density and the amount of silk used, the ties have a kind of crunchiness. This is known as the ultimate quality feature for knit-tie connaisseurs. The second, more economic making is manufactured on our circular knitting machines, which have a very compact size of about 1 square metre. They produce a tube which is already fashioned at the neckband part and allows a faster and easier production process which results in a lighter, suppler product. This knitting material is also used for making our knit bow-ties.Design wise, plains are demanded most, but we also offer a variety of small designs and stripes. The knit-tie with the hand-sewn dots is already legendary. The mostly used yarn quality is silk, although wool and cotton is also part of our offer and can be chosen from a wide range of colours.

Our best known customer for this product has definitely been Hermès from Paris, but knit-ties are also very much liked by Japanese customers.