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The Woollen Tie
One-Hit Wonder or Genuine Style Evolution?

A couple of years ago, silk-ties were pre-eminent in Central Europe while ties from wool or even linen were outlawed as Italian knick-knack and only the silk-tie was seen as adequate outfitting for business appointments. Well, this has changed radically in shorter history, most probably also due to the fact, that ties are no longer

Büste Karokrawatte Klein

Matching pocket square and tie
A Guest Article of Men's Wear Expert Bernhard Roetzel

The best match for tie or bowtie are pocket squares in the main colour of the tie or bowtie. In addition, a second colour from your neckwear should be picked up by the silk square. If you wear a tie with small dots, you should choose a pocket square with a larger pattern (See photo

Close-up Stripe Tie

Dandy dimple underneath the tie knot

Regardless of the fact which tie knot or which tie width you prefer, an elegant dandy dimple underneath the tie knot is a must. After tying the tie, one achieves it by pulling the fabric downward with three fingers of one hand, so that the dimple appears in vertical direction under the knot. One finger


Narrow or wide tie?

All a question of attitude, one should think. Actually it is a lot easier than that: Small shirt collar on a slim fit shirt, small lapel on a tight fitting suit or jacket? Then the narrow tie in 5,5 cm is your choice! Normal collar on a regular fit shirt, classic lapel on a straight