The Woollen Tie
One-Hit Wonder or Genuine Style Evolution?

The Woollen Tie

A couple of years ago, silk-ties were pre-eminent in Central Europe while ties from wool or even linen were outlawed as Italian knick-knack and only the silk-tie was seen as adequate outfitting for business appointments.

Well, this has changed radically in shorter history, most probably also due to the fact, that ties are no longer obligatory for business. Nevertheless, passionate tie wearers have discovered that ties can be very nicely integrated also into sportier outfits. No matter if combined with knit-cardigans and jeans or with sports jackets and corduroy trousers, the one thing a matching tie shouldn’t be is shiny or glossy…  and here the woollen tie comes to its full right.

Therefore, from our point of view it is definitely a genuine style evolution! Enjoy mixing and matching!

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