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Knit-Ties, Our Passion
What is a knit-tie and how is it made?

Knit-ties are our greatest passion and cannot be found elsewhere in the same quality. They are made here in Krefeld/Germany on Cotton machines, which were originally invented by William Cotton (1817 – 1887) to knit ladies stockings. These ties are made fully fashioned, meaning that the product is knitted in the desired shape by increasing


Sevenfold Ties

We are offering this wonderful and precious way of making ties for our customers already since many years. The unique thing about it is, that more as double the quantity of silk fabric is needed in comparison to a normal tie. These ties consist practically completely of silk fabric and not of interlining, tipping and

Close-up Bow-Tie

Bow-ties to be self tied …
... do they still exist?

Generally all our bow-ties can be self tied. That doesn’t mean, that everyone who buys a HEMLEY bow-tie must be capable to tie a bow! Therefore our bow-ties come pre-tied in a box and additionally we installed a hook on the neckband for easier opening and closing without having to open the knot of the bow