Knit-Ties, Our Passion
What is a knit-tie and how is it made?

Knit-Ties, Our Passion

Knit-ties are our greatest passion and cannot be found elsewhere in the same quality. They are made here in Krefeld/Germany on Cotton machines, which were originally invented by William Cotton (1817 – 1887) to knit ladies stockings. These ties are made fully fashioned, meaning that the product is knitted in the desired shape by increasing and decreasing the width of the knitted fabric. Then they are pulled on to wooden frames, which have exactly the shape of a tie and will stay there for approx. 24 hours. This gives them their final shape and avoids the ironing, to prevent an unwanted loss of  flexibility. This very special way of production results in a very high solidity of the tie, so they will lengthen not more than about 5%  even after wearing them for years.

Should it be necessary they could even be used to tow a car.

Each tie weighs in at 60 to 80 grams of pure silk and also this quantity creates the significant “Crie de soie”, for which our knit-ties are so famous for. They do not only look cool, but give that extra little something to the wearer, which can only be found with us.

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